Upcoming in CTC 3.10

Just to keep you posted what is coming for CTC release 3.10:

The biggest change is the capability to save the current game status in a file, and load this some other time to continue. Since there is no end time in CTC, you just can play forever so to speak.

We got it working with the current set up in the available territories. There is some more things to do like how to integrate it re-load into the existing scheme, and we do some testing to make sure everything works as it it supposed to be.

Since the saved status needs to match with the base data of the territory itself, a special code will be added into the territory data, so that there won’t be any mixup. Because there was some substantial work into implementing this, and to create an incentive to purchase the general registration code, we have decided to add the save option only to the STD and FULL version of the territory files, and maybe in the FREE version of small demo territories.

Other changes include the possibility to zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, a correction affecting customers where the comma is standard to separate integer and fraction in floating point numbers, and some correction handling scheduling when midnight passes.

As always, enjoy the game.

The WebRailRoader Team

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