What’s next after CTC 3.13

First my apologies. Yes – we promised to have the helper function available for 3.13, and some pieces are already in, and while we got already trains pushed by a helper working, there are still things to do, like when to engage, when to disengage, communication, and some other interaction. The new territories that we placed in our directory (and another coming soon) don’t need helper function, but they make use of the foreign train feature. So we included the foreign train feature, and made some other corrections for 3.13.

The foreign train feature, by the way, works different than TDP3’s version. We don’t have the automatic feature, but our traffic is directional. So you can see from where the train is coming from. Not that important from the function point of view, but we think it is more realistic. When converting TDP’s numbers of train frequency, we split them in half between either directions of a single track crossing. For double track crossing, we assign the whole number of one particular track to one direction, while placing the number of the second track in the opposite direction.

The new territories have foreign trains running in the FULL version of the territory.

But for the next version of CTC we think we will have the helper function completed.

We also have started working of enhancing the signaling and routing function mentioned in my previous post. The first step is to define fixed route sections, which are regular route sections but with additional information to align switches which are not traveled by
the train using that route but rather protecting it. They will be used for train routing – as opposed to switch routing. Switch routing will continue to work as before – creating dynamic route sections as needed, however it will be possible to route into an occupied track, and the signal indication will be a steady yellow signal symbol.

We might throw in a drawbridge track element for the next release. Some territories in our library suggest some drawbridges on the scene, but only as a comment. But we all know, that it takes some time to lower and raise a drawbridge – more so than for street drawbridges. Also, railroad drawbridges are normally open for boat traffic, and lowered only if a train approaches the bridge. And there is ample advance warning for the boat traffic before a bridge is actually lowered.

Once we have the drawbridge feature implemented in CTC, we will modify the territories to make it real.

As always, enjoy the game.

The WebRailRoader Team

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