What’s more coming for CTC 3.19

While we have completed most work for this, there is more to come which will have more direct effects on how to play the game.

For instance, if you let a train pass a red signal running over switches that are not aligned and therefore cut, a maintenance crew is automatically sent out to check it out and make repairs is necessary. Until that is done, the switch cannot be thrown or aligned for a regular route. In CTC 3.19 we will scratch the word “automatically” from the sentence above, and you, the operator, will have to request a crew to check it out.

To facilitate that, we will activate the alarm function, which will be used when the system detects something unexpected to happen, such as cutting a switch, running a red signal. You will have to go thru the alarm list and decide what problem needs to be addressed – some may be taken care of by itself, others will just sit there for your action.

The communications system has been upgraded to allow you to make a call. Anyone “logged on the system” can be called, among which is the maintenance office. Upon acceptance of your request, this office will send a work crew to work on your problem.

We will also introduce slow order and work order (requiring to do a maintenance block) for track work. It will not be like TrainDispatcher’s slow/work order on blocks, which is setup by the Trackbuilder there and therefore affecting the same few blocks everytime you run the simulator.

Finally, we have removed the old static – very simple – lists with a more comfortable panel, where you can list and sort of kind of objects. This is in anticipation of the CTC editor which will come out early next year. In fact, CTC 3.19 will probably be the last version before we roll out the CTC editor.

But for now, we which you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and, of course, happy dispatching.

Your WebRailRoader Team.

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