1 Introduction

WebRailRoader’s CTC is a computer simulation game that shows the diagram of railroad tracks of a particular territory. Your job is to route the trains to their proper destination as set per schedule.

CTC was inspired by Softrail’s Train Dispatcher (TDP, first published in 1997), but it is more than just a clone. While Softrail has stopped selling and maintaining TDP software and territories in 2012, CTC, started around 1999 as a private project and made public in 2013, is still being upgraded to this day.

The software and the territories are available online only. The software is free, but there are certain functions and features that are available only for a fee.

Territories for CTC come in three variants: FREE, STANDARD, and PREMIUM.

The FREE version is – free. You can run the simulation as much as you want – For a one-time fee you can get a license to run all territories in the STANDARD version. To run the PREMIUM version a separate fee is required for each territory.

See Section “The Registration Model” for detailed information.

CTC comes with an integrated EDITOR. With an EDITOR license you can create your own territory and modify any territory for which you have access to the PREMIUM version. A sneak preview of the editor with limited functionality is available if you have the STANDARD license for CTC.

Upgrades to the program and territories come at no additional cost to you.

A forum is open for general discussion, error reports, and suggestions.

Please go here to the download page.

Enjoy !
Your WebRailRoader Team