CTC 3.19 almost there

Just an update to my previous post:

First of all, we moved our headquarters. It is a pain, but we’re back on track.

The things I talked about the last time have been fine tuned. For instance, the blocks will degrade over time, and the system will put slow orders on sections if the conditions are too bad. You will have to schedule maintenance work for repair the track – but it is up to you when you want to do it.

The handling of train collisions will be different in CTC 3.19. Up to now we had the trains sit idle for some hours and have them “disappear” – as if the wreckage has been removed by truck or some other means. Now in 3.19, you will have to call in a ground crew to work on that. They will make the necessary repairs so that the train can be removed, presumingly under its own power. Just send the train to the nearest exit, and the schedule is done for the day. Since the trains have only the repairs to keep it moving, it will travel under caution speed.

The communications upgrade will allow you to call any train that is on the scene. So you can order to stop the train right where it is and give some further instructions. Also, if you have told an engineer to take a break, you can call him to cut the break short and start moving again.

This alone, the capability to call the train, should help tremendously if you like to play messy situations, where many trains are stuck and the train engineers call you pretty much every second. You might just miss the call from the engineer you really want to talk to, or the line is so busy that he cannot get through. In CTC 3.19 YOU can now give him a call!

As said, a few things need to be wrapped up, but the release 3.19 should be coming in the next few days.

Your WebRailRoader Team.

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